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Crystal Saddles

In Ark, saddles are used to ride creatures. Saddles are crafted from various ingredients and have different levels. We have put together a list of saddles and the ingredients you need to craft them. Click on a saddle name to learn more about how to craft it. Click on an ingredient to see what other saddles you can make from it.
Saddle Recipe
Ark Saddle Ingredients
Mosasaurus 500x Polymer, 2500x Metal Ingot, 370x Crystal, 55x Element, 140x Black Pearl 85 80
Rock Drake 185x Black Pearl, 325x Crystal, 75x Element, 2350x Metal Ingot, 455x Polymer 47
Tapejara 500x Polymer, 2500x Metal Ingot, 370x Crystal, 55x Element, 140x Black Pearl
Rex 350x Polymer, 1800x Metal Ingot, 250x Crystal, 40x Element, 100x Black Pearl