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Cementing Paste Saddles

In Ark, saddles are used to ride creatures. Saddles are crafted from various ingredients and have different levels. We have put together a list of saddles and the ingredients you need to craft them. Click on a saddle name to learn more about how to craft it. Click on an ingredient to see what other saddles you can make from it.
Saddle Recipe
Ark Saddle Ingredients
Arthropluera 80x Hide, 50x Fiber, 20x Wood, 30x Metal Ingot, 8x Flint, 15x Cementing Paste, 35x Obsidian 54 30
Basilisk 85x Cementing Paste, 150x Fiber, 45x Green Gem, 270x Hide, 425x Metal Ingot 85 28
Beelzebufo 170x Hide, 95x Fiber, 30x Wood, 5x Cementing Paste 40 16
Brontosaurus 550x Hide, 325x Fiber, 90x Metal Ingot, 125x Silica Pearls, 45x Cementing Paste 82 35
Carbonemys 170x Hide, 95x Fiber, 10x Cementing Paste 10 12
Castoroides 290x Hide, 200x Fiber, 100x Metal Ingot, 180x Thatch, 140x Cementing Paste 61 50
Direbear 300x Hide, 130x Fiber, 100x Cementing Paste 45 24
Dunkleosteus 300x Hide, 180x Fiber, 120x Cementing Paste, 80x Metal Ingot 44 20
Megalodon 290x Hide, 155x Fiber, 30x Cementing Paste 47 18
Megatherium 325x Hide, 130x Fiber, 100x Cementing Paste, 55x Metal Ingot 52 24
Mosasaurus 960x Hide, 720x Fiber, 1200x Metal Ingot, 180x Cementing Paste, 320x Silica Pearls 93 80
Mosasaurus 800x Hide, 600x Fiber, 140x Cementing Paste, 100x Silica Pearls, 400x Metal Ingot 78 60
Paraceratherium 320x Hide, 200x Fiber, 70x Metal Ingot, 45x Silica Pearls, 25x Cementing Paste 50 24
Plesiosaur 680x Hide, 405x Fiber, 112x Metal Ingot, 55x Cementing Paste, 155x Silica Pearls 84 50
Plesiosaur 400x Hide, 250x Fiber, 65x Cementing Paste, 40x Silica Pearls 64 40
Quetzal 620x Hide, 400x Fiber, 180x Metal Ingot, 120x Cementing Paste, 220x Silica Pearls 97 80
Quetzal 750x Hide, 500x Fiber, 100x Cementing Paste, 85x Silica Pearls 76 44
Roll Rat 85x Cementing Paste, 150x Fiber, 45x Green Gem, 270x Hide, 425x Metal Ingot 58 26
Sarco 230x Hide, 75x Fiber, 20x Cementing Paste 35 15
Spinosaurus 380x Hide, 200x Fiber, 45x Cementing Paste, 25x Silica Pearls 71 40
Titanosaur 4000x Metal Ingot, 4000x Hide, 1600x Cementing Paste, 2000x Fiber 100 170
Tusoteuthis 320x Hide, 795x Fiber, 45x Cementing Paste, 30x Metal Ingot 91 40
Woolly Rhino 250x Hide, 130x Fiber, 100x Cementing Paste, 60x Metal Ingot 53 24