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Longrass Recipes

You can create various consumables in Ark, each of which will give you a specific effect. To see what recipes you can create from a given ingredient, click on an ingredient on the right. Click on a consumable to learn more about how to craft it.
Ark Recipe
Effect Duration
Spoils In
Battle Tartare 8x Stimulant, Longrass, Citronal, 3x Raw Prime Meat, 2x Rare Flower, 20x Mejoberry +65% Melee Damage, +50% Movement Speed, +15% Damage resistance, +50% Food and Water consumption, Increased Stamina regeneration, -0.45 Health per second (up to -90 HP total) 3 minutes 20 seconds 5 hours
Broth of Enlightenment 5x Woolly Rhino Horn, 2x Rockarrot, 2x Longrass, 2x Savoroot, 2x Citronal, Black Pearl, 10x Mejoberry +50% Experience 20 minutes 5 hours
Fria Curry 2x Narcotics, 5x Rockarrot, 5x Longrass, 20x Azulberry, 10x Mejoberry -25% Food consumption, +50 Hypothermic insulation 15 minutes 5 hours
Lazarus Chowder 9x Cooked Meat, 2x Narcotics, 5x Savoroot, 5x Longrass, 10x Mejoberry +1.2% Stamina per second (constant swimming is allowed), -85% Oxygen consumption underwater 10 minutes 5 hours
Sweet Vegetable Cake 2x Giant Bee Honey, 4x Sap, 2x Rockarrot, 2x Longrass, 2x Savoroot, 4x Stimulant, 25x Fiber +500 Health and heals 15% HP (over 10 seconds) when you feed this to a tamed herbivore creature Instant 2 Hours 40 minutes