Dino Dark Yellow Color ID

Ark Color ID
Ark Color Dino Dark Yellow
Ark Color ID 24
Ark Hex Code #94946c
How to Use
How to Use Color IDs in Ark A creature can have up to 6 color-regions, which are numbered 0 to 5. To set a region, R, of a creature with the color ID, C, use the command <span class="command">setTargetDinoColor R C</span>.
Example The Ark console command <span class="command">setTargetDinoColor R 24</span> will set the region R to the color, Dino Dark Yellow.
How to Enter Commands in Ark To enter commands in Ark, open the console by pressing the <span class="key">Tab</span> key. On the Xbox, enter the pause screen, and simultaneously press <span class="key">LB</span> <span class="key">RB</span> <span class="key">X</span> and <span class="key">Y</span>. On PlayStation, enter the pause screen and simultaneously press <span class="key">L1</span> <span class="key">R1</span> <span class="key">Square</span> and <span class="key">Triangle</span>.