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Aberration Beacon IDs

Ark Beacons let you know whether a supply crate is. Ark Beacons can be spawned using the command console, much like other items can be spawns. You can only spawn items from a corresponding map if you are on that map. For example, if you want to spawn items from Scorched Earth, you need to be on the Scorched Earth map.

Beacons or supply crates can be spawned using the Summon command. To see an example of the command, click on the beacon name in the table below.
Ark Beacon ID
White Crate SupplyCrate_Cave_Aberration_Level10_C
White Crate SupplyCrate_Cave_Aberration_Level10_Double_C
Green Crate SupplyCrate_Cave_Aberration_Level25_C
Green Crate SupplyCrate_Cave_Aberration_Level25_Double_C
Blue Crate SupplyCrate_Cave_Aberration_Level35_C
Blue Crate SupplyCrate_Cave_Aberration_Level35_Double_C
Purple Crate SupplyCrate_Cave_Aberration_Level50_C
Purple Crate SupplyCrate_Cave_Aberration_Level50_Double_C
Yellow Crate SupplyCrate_Cave_Aberration_Level65_C
Yellow Crate SupplyCrate_Cave_Aberration_Level65_Double_C
Red Crate SupplyCrate_Cave_Aberration_Level80_C
Red Crate SupplyCrate_Cave_Aberration_Level80_Double_C
Blue Dungeon Crate SupplyCrate_Dungeon_Aberration_Level35_C
Purple Dungeon Crate SupplyCrate_Dungeon_Aberration_Level50_C
Yellow Dungeon Crate SupplyCrate_Dungeon_Aberration_Level65_C
Red Dungeon Crate SupplyCrate_Dungeon_Aberration_Level80_C
Blue Surface Beacon SupplyCrate_Level35_Aberrant_Surface_C
Blue Surface Beacon SupplyCrate_Level35_Aberrant_Surface_Double_C
Purple Surface Beacon SupplyCrate_Level50_Aberrant_Surface_C
Purple Surface Beacon SupplyCrate_Level50_Aberrant_Surface_Double_C
Yellow Surface Beacon SupplyCrate_Level65_Aberrant_Surface_C
Yellow Surface Beacon SupplyCrate_Level65_Aberrant_Surface_Double_C
Red Surface Beacon SupplyCrate_Level80_Aberrant_Surface_C
Red Surface Beacon SupplyCrate_Level80_Aberrant_Surface_Double_C
Artifact Container Depths ArtifactCrate_AB_C
Artifact Container Shadows ArtifactCrate_2_AB_C
Artifact Container Stalker ArtifactCrate_3_AB_C
Artifact Container Lost ArtifactCrate_4_AB_C